The Volunteer Fire Department is staffed by professionally trained and dedicated people who give up their free time to provide fire protection to the Township. The fire fighters are not paid for the thousands of hours they spend each year in various tasks from fighting fires, to training and fire prevention, to maintaining their fire trucks.

Two-thirds of the force, reside in Upper St. Clair. The volunteers come from a variety of professions, including carpenters, contractors, students, bricklayers, chefs, mechanics, engineers and branch managers.

The volunteers train continually in the areas of hazardous materials, rescue and fire fighting techniques. In addition to time spent responding to calls and training, many hours are spent maintaining the equipment so that it is always ready for the next call. Time is also spent cleaning and maintaining the two fire stations and conducting fire prevention programs and tours of the station.

On average, each one of the members spends approximately 10 to 15 hours per week performing various duties such as training, fire prevention, truck maintenance, record keeping and cleaning in addition to responding to emergency calls.

The Upper St. Clair Volunteer Fire Department leadership is divided into three categories. They are as follows:

Line Officers

Chief: Ted Hale
Deputy Chief 1: Mike Moore
Deputy Chief 2: Josh O’Connor
Assistant Chief: Mike Gannon
1st Captain: Alex Gillespie
2nd Captain: Richard Jurik

Board of Directors

Chairman of the Board: Dave Ickes
President: Greg Gerlach
Deputy Chief 1: Mike Moore
Board of Director Member: Josh O’Connor
Board of Director Member: Mike Gannon

Life Members

Doug Dennig
John Doebler
Dan Ferguson
Dave Ickes – Support Member
Dave Kish
Jerry Kopach Jr.
Dave Kropp
Russ Rauch – Support Member
Keith Scannell
Ray Tomnay – Support Member

Associate Members

Dan Barr – Support Member
Thomas (TJ) Fahey
Joe Pascarella
Matt Romah – Support Member
Jon Stuver – Support Member
Ross Taylor – Support Member

Deceased Members

Barney Cassidy Sr.
Don Deleo
Tom Edkins
Don Gerlach
George Haffner
John Lekse
Bill Neill
Anthony Messina
Steve Moore
Walter Philips Jr.
Rege Tomnay

Administrative Officers

President: Greg Gerlach
Vice President: Jason Braughler
Secretary: Russ Rauch
Treasurer: Joe Pascarella

Active Members

Allison Bode
Jason Braughler
Lillian Caudill
Sergio Chanampa
Marc Chlebowski
Michael Chornack
Marcus DelRaso
Mike Gannon
Drew Gerlach
Greg Gerlach
Alex Gillespie
Doug Heckman
Richard Jurik
Jacob Lowe
Luke Kramer
Rogerio Laudares
Mike Moore
Brad Mountain
Josh O’Connor
Abbey Scannell
Eric Wharton
Greg Wharton
Kevin Weinheimer
Ezra Zahalsky

Honorary Members

*William Berster
*Neil Blodgett
*Patrick O’Brien
*Richard Kortmeyer
Robert Thomson
*Douglas Watkins

* denoted deceased