Block Party Season Is Upon Us

To help coordinator fire department participation in your block party, please contact the fire department public relations group as soon as possible.

The Fire Department is available for block parties on Saturdays only from noon to 4pm.  Due to the ever increasing costs of operating a 100% volunteer fire department and the steady decline in the community response from the fund drive, the Fire Department requires a mandatory minimum donation of $150 for the Fire Department to participate in your block party.

The Fire Department participation will consist of USC VFD members arriving with a fire truck.

We will park, then open the doors and compartments of the fire truck to let you and your neighbors tour the fire truck, explain items on the fire truck and allow you to take pictures of your family members in the fire truck.

For safety reasons, we require an adult to accompany small children. Time and weather permitting, we can use the deck nozzle to spray water mist for everyone to enjoy.

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