At any time and any place, a fire can occur.  Being prepared before a fire occurs can save lives, prevent injuries and protect property.  Recent research by the U.S. Fire Administration has shown that 75 percent of civilian fatalities occurred as a result of fire in a residential building.  By taking preventive measures, you, as a home owner, can reduce your risk of becoming a statistic.

Certain preventative measures can be taken to insure the safety of you and your property.  Installing smoke detectors in all bedrooms, directly outside of each sleeping area on every floor, living rooms (or dens or family rooms) and near stairways can quickly alert you to a hazardous condition in your home. Having an exit plan for your home detailing at least two ways out of every room can reduce the risk of being trapped during a fire.  But like all things, practice is essential.  Test your smoke detectors and run through the exit plan with everyone that lives in the home, so when these smoke detectors and exit plans are needed, you will be able to rely upon them.  If you need help establishing an exit plan, contact the USCVFD and we will assist you in the development of an exit plan.



Link to the U.S. Fire Administration study referenced in the blog

Link to NFPA smoke detector placement